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image of Passive Face Liveness Detection

Passive Face Liveness Detection

Liveness detection is a Machine Learning based solution to check the selfie is presented a human being or an inanimate spoof artifact.

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image of Electronic Know Your Customer

Electronic Know Your Customer

A solution that performs verification and validation of consumers using AI technology to protect registration data and prevent fraud.

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image of Face Payment

Face Payment

A cashless payment system with face recognition method to enhance the convenience and security of consumer transactions.

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Partner's Solutions

image of Health Protocol Enforcement (Covid Solution)

Health Protocol Enforcement (Covid Solution)

A solution for enforcement of health protocol to reduce the spread of covid-19 during the pandemic.

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image of AML / PEP


A service provider platform that is able to detect high risk customers (AML) by checking the background (PEP) of each customer.

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image of Citizen Apps

Citizen Apps

An official local government information center application that integrates various services for citizens.

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image of Road Traffic Monitoring

Road Traffic Monitoring

A real time vehicle activity and traffic density monitoring system that provides visual insight based on factual data taken from CCTV.

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image of Mobile Employee Attendance (HRIS)

Mobile Employee Attendance (HRIS)

A mobile application based remote attendance system equipped with interesting features for the safety and comfort of your employees.

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  • Icon Face Demography

    Face Demography

    Predicts the gender binary (male/female) of faces recognized in the input picture based on their physical appearance and estimates their age range.

  • Icon Face Match with Enrollment

    Face Match with Enrollment

    An ability to determine the resemblance between two photos, which will produce a degree of similarity in the form of probability.

  • Icon License Plate Recognition

    License Plate Recognition

    Recognize vehicle license plate number from vehicle passing by that captured by camera.

  • Icon People Density

    People Density

    Calculate number of people in certain area within defined period of time.

  • Icon Face Mask Detection

    Face Mask Detection

    Recognize one input face within enrolled database to make N-similar face output.

  • Icon OCR Kartu Tanda Penduduk

    OCR Kartu Tanda Penduduk

    OCR KTP has the ability to read and extract Indonesian ID cards (KTP) automatically using AI-based algorithm.

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